Your home is worth something, but do you have any idea how much?

A home value estimator is first and foremost a tool. It gives you a reasonably accurate estimated home value that's based on your home, others in the area, and still other factors. And that information is critical for making the right decisions.

There are plenty of reasons to get a valuation, not the least of which is the knowledge = power factor. And here are 5 more:

#1: The Housing Market Changes

Nothing is static, especially not the real estate market. It goes through its ebbs and flows, and those might be more dramatic than average depending on where you live.

You might expect the value of your home to only improve with time. But that's not always the case. When you take advantage of a home value estimator, you'll know what's trending at any given time.

Maybe it's the right time to sell, but maybe it's not.

#2: You Might Want to Sell Your Home

Even if you're just toying with the idea of selling your house, knowledge is always power. A home valuation is free, and it's a great snapshot tool that gives you reasonably accurate information about your home.

Maybe the market is great right now, but maybe it's not. In a few minutes' time, you'll know whether you should pursue listing your house or sit tight for a while longer.

#3: You'll Learn About Activity in the Area

The value of your home isn't just determined by its square footage and all of the improvements that you've made. The surrounding area has at least as much to do with what it's worth.

Part of a home value estimator report is information about property in your area. Some of the information shows which homes have sold recently and some of it shows general value estimates for other properties, both of which play a role in what your home is worth.

#4: Your Home Might Need Upgrades

You might be perfectly happy with your house just like it is. But if it's out of date and not what buyers want, some upgrades could help improve its value.

A home value estimation gives details about other homes in your area, such as square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and which kind of HVAC system is in use. You might find that 4-bedroom houses are selling much faster than 3-bedrooms properties, and adding a bedroom could make your home more competitive.

Your home's equity might be enough to fulfill a few dreams.  

#5: Improvements Might Not Be Reported

You might have a brand new roof, a swimming pool, and an expansive master suite. But those things can't boost your home's worth if nobody knows about them but you.

When you read your property value report, you'll see firsthand which amenities and upgrades are being reported about your home, and which ones are not. This information can also help you decide whether a home equity loan is worth looking into.

There's really no good reason not to learn what your home is worth. The home value estimator at eppraisal is free, it only takes a few minutes to use, and you can check it as often as you like. The information that you find can help you make important decisions, whether you want to sell your home or just make it a nicer place for your family to live.

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