Today we close out our 5-part series on "Adding Value to Your Home" with a look at updating your bathrooms. When it comes to which rooms to remodel in your home, bathroom remodels are near the top of the list, second only to the kitchen. No one wants to bathe and get ready for their day or night in a dingy, dark, outdated bathroom. This is especially true of an older bathroom that smells of mildew. You can update and modernize your bathroom on any type of budget as bathroom remodels will not only make you feel better, but they will also increase your home value.

Updating Your Bathroom on a Small Budget

According to an article on, the average cost of a bathroom remodel can range from $6,600 to $16,400 depending on square footage, plumbing and electrical needs and the types of fixtures and amenities you choose. It is possible to modernize your bathroom for far less if you have a small budget. Simple ideas like a fresh coat of paint, replacing light fixtures, sink and bathtub/shower faucets, and mirrors will go a long way on a small budget. If you have a small bathroom, you can even replace the flooring with a minimal cost. Replacing a commode is not that expensive either. The pricier remodels come with replacing vanities, bathtubs and showers.

Updating Your Bathroom on a Healthy Budget

A healthy bathroom remodel will cost approximately $13,400, according to HomeAdvisor's latest True Cost Report for 2021. This may be higher in 2022 as we are navigating a near post-pandemic world where contractors are more difficult to find and with the supply chain problems. In an average-sized bathroom, you can have a new bathtub/shower combination installed, a new vanity, a new commode, new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, a new mirror, and all new fixtures on a healthy budget. Consider updating the bathtub/shower tile surround to a classic white subway tile or a glass or mosaic tile surround. A granite or quartz vanity top is not over-the-top expensive, considering the square footage. Larger ceramic or porcelain tile flooring is on-trend.

Updating Your Bathroom with No Limit to Your Budget

You can easily surpass the average costs when updating a larger bathroom in a more expensive home with higher-quality materials. This is especially true if you have plumbing and electrical updating needs as well. If you are updating and modernizing the ensuite bathroom, or the bathroom connected to the owner's suite, this will be more expensive because it's typically the largest bathroom in the house. If you are having a contractor do the work, it can cost approximately 20% more for labor, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. If you are doing a complete gut and overhaul, you will also have to pay for the demolition of the existing bathroom. A sample quote for an ensuite bathroom, provided by a contractor in an article on, is as follows:

1) Demo existing bathroom- $3,000
2) Update plumbing- $3,000
3) Update electrical- $2,700
4) Waterproof and wet walls- $1,500
5) Install tile for custom shower with a bench and shower walls- $4,500
6) Tile bathroom floor- $1,200
7) Grout and sealer for tile- $1,500
8) Drywall and taping level 5 in walls- $3,500
9) Paint- $2,000
10) Install new toilet, vanity, faucet and mirror- $2,500
11) Install new bathroom fan- $700
12) Estimate for upgrading to mid- to high-level finishes- $4,850 (this includes upgrading toilet, vanity, mirror, faucet, sconce lights, shower door and fan)

The total cost for this estimate is $30,950. The cost can increase if top-of-the-line finishes are chosen. Not having a budget and being able to spend a limitless amount of money on a bathroom remodel is certainly an advantage.

Since bathroom remodels are at the top of the list, they will definitely increase your home value. However, the more money you spend and the higher quality materials you choose, the less money you will recoup overall.