In Part 3 of our continuing series on "Adding Value to Your Home" we'll explore flooring options. The flooring industry is always evolving and constantly adapting to meet new flooring trends. Vinyl, laminate and hardwood flooring and different types of tiles are on trend. Carpeting is not as popular as it used to be however, if you are a carpeting fan and it is time to replace your old and worn carpeting, there are several updated options to choose from. Refreshing and updating the flooring in your home will, no doubt, add to your home value. Further, upgrading your choices will add even more value.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is gaining in popularity and taking the flooring market by storm. This is especially true for luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring because of the sought-after qualities of LVP. For one, LVP is a higher quality vinyl than in the past. It is durable, waterproof and affordable. This wood-look flooring comes in many different patterns including wide planks, parquet designs, and rustic textures such as distressed, hand-scraped, sawn and brushed. It also comes in many different colors. The most popular is the beige and gray mix, commonly termed "greige." LVP is a wonderful alternative to real hardwood flooring. There is even a hybrid LVP that is mixed with real wood.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been popular for years. It has definitely been the boom of the past, especially the wood-look laminate. It is another engineered wood flooring that has replaced solid wood as a less expensive alternative.

Hardwood Flooring

Real hardwood flooring is still highly desired and will likely never go out of style. Smoked hardwood floors are a new trend. The wood undergoes a smoking process where it is placed into a chamber and ammonia is released into the air. The wood reacts to the ammonia and color changes occur. Another popular look today is the bleached, unfinished wood look. The greige tones are still trending. So are ebony, white, driftwood and medium brown hues.

Tile Flooring

There are many types of tiles that are taking the flooring market by surprise. Ceramic tile is still one popular option, especially for bathrooms and bathtub/shower surrounds. According to, black and white tile will make a strong comeback in 2022. This vintage, nostalgic style brings back memories and warm feelings of the past. However, the black and white tiles will be more graphic and luxurious looking than the simple black and white checkered pattern that used to adorn homes long ago. Porcelain tile is an upgrade that many people are choosing as well. A common choice is often "wood-look" porcelain tile instead of LVP, laminate or hardwood flooring.


Carpeting is soft and provides a cozy, comforting feeling that people are looking for in the post-pandemic world. Call the plush feeling a hug for the feet if you will. According to there are many new styles of carpeting that are emerging and making a comeback such as patterned carpeting, carpet tiles and striped carpeting. Of course, a more neutral option will provide a sense of calm that many are looking for.

Whatever your flooring updates are, you are sure to enjoy a new look and feel in your home. You will also enjoy an increase in your home value. So, go ahead and have fun choosing your new flooring.