More citizens in this country are realizing the importance of living healthier lifestyles and being proactive in saving this beautiful planet. In 2017, one study found that there were upwards of 47.5 million in America who rode bikes on a regular basis. This number has steadily increased over the past 3 years. Many biking enthusiasts wonder where they can find bike friendly cities to buy a home. Biking can also cut down on fuel expenses and car upkeep leaving the bicyclist more money to invest in a house that has an increased home value.

Top States for More Bike Enthusiasts Searching for a Bike Friendly City

The most recent study on states that are highest in biking enthusiasts lists several top states that are led by Washington. These include the states of Minnesota, California and Massachusetts ranked in order. The states with the lowest counts of regular bicyclists include North Dakota and Hawaii with Nebraska bringing up the tail.

Bike-Friendly Cities Across the Globe

Worldwide, Copenhagen is a city that bicycle lovers list as one of the top cities that are suited for bike riders. Other European countries that encourage more bike-friendly cities and trails include Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. However, some cities here in the United States are fast coming close to these other established bike-friendly places.

Positive Outcomes in Moving to Bike-Friendly Cities

More American are moving to bike-friendly cities for a number of reasons. Bike-riding is a fun outdoor activity that is also great for good health. When more people ride their bicycles to work, run errands or go to school, it helps to reduce motor vehicle emissions polluting the air and the surrounding environment.

Top Bike-Friendly Cities in the United States

Eugene, Washington

This city has embraced the alternative culture and other movements that arise among mostly educated young people. This college town offers an upbeat and connected community that boasts beautiful scenic bike trails that are safe and include some incredibly innovative bike-friendly features like bike intersection signaling for one.

Portland, Oregon

This city has long attracted outdoor enthusiasts including bike riders. Most of the riders here are middle aged or older adults. Other nearby cities are beginning to overtake this bike haven in terms of building protected bicycle lanes and encouraging more young people to ride. City officials are fighting back, and so far the city as added over 5 miles of protected lanes.

Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states with its sweeping mountain ranges and wide open canyons. This area draws many avid outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain bike riding is especially popular in Boulder, CO. Boulder boasts over 300 miles of bikeways and offers a bike registration program to discourage bicycle thefts. Another great reason to consider moving to Boulder is the stunning home views in the area.

San Francisco, California

This city by the bay has ramped up its dedication to become bike-friendly in the last few years. It boasts 20 miles of scenic bike lanes with 10 lanes now that are protected.

Davis, California

Considered by many as "Bike City USA", this Northern California college town has over 80 annual bike events. The city has 61 miles of bike paths throughout the area and over 50 miles of dedicated bike lanes on its roads.

Making the move to a bike-friendly city can be a terrific adventure. It's great for your health and a fun way to explore your new environment.