Long ago was a time when home meant four walls and a roof. The purpose of shelter was to remain warm and dry. As quality of life improved with economic growth and technological progress, so did the concept of what a home should be. It was more than a house but became instead a refuge and a sanctuary; a place to escape the pressures of the world and enjoy family and friends; a place to unwind and have fun. As a house represents these things -- and more -- owners always look for ways to enhance the overall home value.

The latest gadgets and devices do just that.

Smart Faucet

One of the biggest culprits of waste in most houses is the plumbing. The dissipation of water can be costly financially and ecologically. Enter the smart faucet: this intelligently designed fixture regulates its output according to usage. Found often in office buildings and public places, the smart faucet uses sensors to determine when the water should flow and when it should stop. Now, it is widely available in home designs. This means no more continuously running water, much of which is squandered through inattention. It is an asset to any house.


This heating unit zeroes in on the optimal room temperature when outdoor temps are frigid. Its intelligent gauges sense the ideal interior climate and it generates just enough heat to achieve it. Better still, you can sleep on it -- with the flip of a switch, the unit goes horizontal and serves as a comfortable place to sleep. Circulating warm air in winter and cooler air in the summer, the bediator provides optimal climate control while saving on energy costs. Its light emitting diode (LED) display reveals current time and room temperature. For the futuristic- minded, it is a feature worth checking out.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Saving time and energy -- your own, that is -- is essential to optimizing the good life. Robot vacuum cleaners possess the technology to discern and avoid obstacles. Their smart navigation systems allow them to pick up dust and debris on their own, while you invest in more interesting pursuits. In addition, most models have the capacity to self-empty their collection bins. The best of these adapt to all different kinds of flooring. Most importantly, they can be pre-set to  operate at the most convenient time of day for household members.

Robotic Alarm Clocks

The snooze button has enabled sleepy lethargy long enough. Robotic alarm clocks can now jar you awake and move about the bedroom on wheels so that you must get to your feet and chase it. The idea is that once you manage to catch the clock and silence it, you will be less likely to want "five more minutes" of shut eye. This ingenious idea is made possible by sensor technology that responds to the movements of its pursuer. The alarm is ultra-loud and they even make one that can fly!

Smart Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are a huge stride in the field of home security. Able to scan the porch for unwelcome visitors, thieves, vandals or intruders, these devices are easily synched with smart phones so that homeowners can keep tabs on their properties while on vacation or traveling for business. You can even speak to those who approach when you are away from home. Few of them require professional installation but they are nevertheless sure to enhance home value. One of their most recent features is the capacity for facial recognition by means of artificial intelligence.