The summer season is a beautiful time for family vacations. However, nagging thoughts about your home’s security are hard to ignore and might stress you out. Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to keep worries and home accidents at bay. Discover these essential tips to protect your property and boost your home value in the long term.

1.   Have a Trusted Friend Check Your Home

Avoid leaving your key under a mat, rock or flower pot. Instead, invite a close friend or neighbor to occasionally check your property and bring human presence to your home. Before leaving for your trip, meet with this trusted person and give them your key to ensure it never lands in a stranger’s hands.

2.   Install Smart Security Systems

These practical and easy-to-install security systems allow you to keep tabs on your home anytime, anywhere.

Smart Lighting

Since smart lights connect to the Internet, you can remotely control your home lighting. For instance, if you’re worried you might have left the lights on after leaving the house, you can conveniently check it on your phone.

 Connect your lights to a timer to make it seem like your home is occupied. Light timers are an excellent and cost-effective way to boost security while relaxing during vacation. LED bulbs, in particular, are often used to install motion-detection floodlights and smart outdoor lighting, as they consume 75% less energy than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Garage Locks

Did you know that around 9% of all break-ins occur through the garage door? Install a modern garage door opener with a vacation lockout feature and a reliable locking mechanism on your overhead door latch. Thieves will soon realize that your property won’t be easy to access.

Surveillance Cameras

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras allow you to guard your home wherever you are. Besides boosting your home’s value, video security systems can also help prevent crimes and provide real-time monitoring, recording and remote transmitting if there’s an accident.

Smart Plugs

These tools allow you to plug in your devices and access them from anywhere. For instance, if you connect your speaker to a smart plug, you can turn it on at night and make it seem like there’s someone inside. These are inexpensive yet excellent additions to your fixtures and appliances, such as televisions, lamps and fans.

3.   Set Up Decoy Security Systems

A comprehensive home security system costs around $1200 or more, but it may vary depending on your needs. If you think it’s too expensive, consider investing in the basics and decoy security signs. Visible fake cameras, security stickers and alarms create an illusion of surveillance, deterring burglars from approaching your home. Remember not to overdo it, as some intruders can spot fakes.

4.   Unplug Devices

Plugged-in electronic devices continue to receive current even when unused. Protect your game consoles, computers and non-critical smart home equipment before leaving your home. Also, unplug large appliances that aren’t protected by a surge protector.

5.   Secure Your Valuables

In case someone does break into your house, you can still protect your valuables in the following ways: 

●      Store expensive jewelry inside a vault.

●      Keep expensive flatware away from your china cabinet.

●      Secure important documents, financial information and other sensitive information in a fireproof safe in the basement or attic.

Securing Your Property Means Protecting Your Home Value

The last thing you want to experience while on vacation is a call from your neighbors about a robbery or home damage. By investing in security measures, you enhance the safety of your home and its overall value.

Features like stunning landscapes, pools and home offices attract future potential buyers, while prioritizing security upgrades demonstrates a commitment to your property's safety and marketability.

Keep Your House Safe

Ensure a relaxing vacation with peace of mind about your home’s safety and security. Following these tips can deter intruders from your property. Additionally, these upgrades offer protection and increase your home’s value, making them wise investments with long-term payoffs.