Thinking of selling your home and making some improvements before you list it? Consider a look at your home's exterior. How you present the exterior of your home will give potential buyers their first impression. Performing some improvements to the exterior of your home will not only improve your curb appeal, but it will also garner a higher price when you sell.

Roof Repair or Replacement

If your roof is at the end of its life, it will bode you well to replace it before you list your home for sale. If it still has some life left, consider modest repairs rather than replacement of the roof. One of the first things a potential buyer looks at when they arrive at your home is the roof. If they see missing shingles or a crumbling roof, it will turn them off. If they see a roof that is new or in good shape, they will pay more for the home. Jennifer Lyons, a writer for, shares some return on investment (ROI) statistics for different types of roof replacements in an article titled How Much Value Does a New Roof Add?.

New Siding

If your home's siding is in need of replacement, you may want to consider replacing it before you sell. Buyers see siding as another big-ticket item. In reality, it may not be as expensive as you might think. In an article on written by Lauren Murphy and Samantha Allen, How Much Does Siding Cost To Install?, it states "For an average 1,500-square-foot home, the cost of wood exterior siding, the cheapest siding material on the market , would cost you about $3,000." Siding materials can include aluminum, vinyl, wood, metal, fiber cement, stone and brick.
Replace Your Garage Door

A new garage door can really change the look of your home. Many homeowners are opting for the trending carriage or farm-door style garage doors. The cost for replacing garage doors depends on the material, design, insulation and labor. Homebuyers will pay more to have one of the best garage doors on the block.

Spotlight Your Front Door

Your front door can be the highlight of your home's exterior if you get a little creative. A fresh coat of paint or a new front door altogether can bring some added value to your home. A front door with a bold color that stands out against the siding color is really trending right now. Believe it or not, buyers pay more for on trend features of homes.

Refresh Your Landscaping

Neat, healthy and colorful landscaping increases home values. One of the best improvements you can make to your home's exterior before listing your home for sale is refreshing the landscaping. Have your lawn treated for weeds and looking green and manicured. Define and de-weed your landscaping beds and add fresh mulch or stone. Trim bushes and trees. Plant some colorful, flowering perennials in your beds. Be sure to have some colorful flowers in pots in the front of your home as well.

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Whether it be a cozy front porch or a back patio or deck with an entertainment vibe, having a comfortable, beautiful outdoor living space will create the feeling and ambiance of relaxation and comfort to potential homebuyers. Buyers see value in spaces like this. They will see the space as a place to get away from the troubles of the world. Many will pay more to get it.

Improvements to your home's exterior are sure to get you more money when you sell your home. Taking care of big-ticket exterior improvements will reap big rewards. Even less expensive improvements will increase your home's value.