Be more informed with an eppraisal home valuation.

Most homes have a professional review/estimate before they hit the market. Some don't, but sales backed by a professional usually sell faster and for a higher price. A local pro understands the fair market value of the home and will determine a reasonable asking price for the property.

Before you find your real estate agent, you may want to get an unofficial property estimate, which is where eppraisal comes in handy. Our service is not an appraisal, but will provide basic property details and comparables around the area that will help you understand more about the value of your home.

You want the highest home value possible, so it helps to know what to look for. Here are the major things that you will want to check, and ways to help increase the value of your home.

Size of the Property

The size of both your home and the lot that it sits on play a big role in the value of a home. These factors are also used in the home valuation that eppraisal offers, because they can be determined programmatically and without an invasive look.

Depending on the location of a home, a large lot can improve its value over surrounding properties. The same applies to the home's structure, especially regarding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Larger homes are often believed to be more marketable, since they appeal to a wide range of buyers, from singles who want space to larger families who need it.

Cleanliness shows that a home is well maintained, so be sure that everything sparkles.

Condition of the Interior

The square footage of the interior is important, but so is its condition. It stands to reason that older carpet, walls that need paint, and fixtures in disrepair affect an appraisal in a negative way, whereas newer elements in good working order show a measure of upkeep, which reflects nicely on the home.

That said, don't get caught in the trap of believing that new is always better. An original hardwood floor that's been maintained is prized over new carpet that's cheap. You should always consider the value-added effect of replacing anything in your home. For example, replacing all of the bathroom fixtures might cost more than the value that they add.

Condition of the Exterior

Curb appeal is a real thing, so the way that your home looks from the outside is critical. A local pro will check the condition of the siding, inspect for flaws, and look for damage. The condition of the outside of the home helps determine whether there may be underlying problems, such as leaks and structural defects. It's the shell that protects the home from the elements, so this is at least as important as the inside, if not more.

You can paint siding, clean out gutters, and tidy up the property on your own. But as with the interior, some exterior issues need professional attention. Foundation cracks and missing shingles aren't a DIY repair, but fixing them will boost your property's value.

The little gardening shed that you built last year could count as a value-boosting improvement.

Newer Improvements

Every home has been professionally reviewed at least once before, unless it's all-new construction. So a pro will also look for property improvements that weren't included in the last sale. This will include any updates that you make, but it could also include additional buildings such as a detached garage.

If you've renovated the kitchen and baths since the last sale and they're still in good shape, you can reasonably expect a higher home value and sale price. also recommends giving the agent an itemized list of all improvements that you've completed, since he may or may not know what's new and what isn't.

To be sure, selling your home with an agent can be scary. After all, it involves a total stranger looking at your home for everything that's not up to snuff. But the opposite is also true. Agents want to find what's right with the home, since that's the only way to arrive at a fair market value.

An estimated home valuation before working with an agent could be one of the smartest choices that you make. You may be on the fence about selling your home or just want to get a view of the recent sales in your neighborhood. With an eppraisal home value estimate, you'll know up front where your starting point sits. That lets you take on improvements that get you where you need to be.

If you're thinking about selling, or just want to get the estimated value of your home, see what eppraisal can do for you. Our home valuation gives you important insight, which puts you in a position of more control over what your property is really worth. Click here for a free property valuation today.