Farmhouse Exterior by Montgomery General Contractors Ireland-May LtdFall can make anyone think about hearth and home.

Selling your home in the fall isn't necessarily harder than at other times of the year. It's just a bit different. There's no universal 'best' time to list any home for sale. If you're ready, you can list it whenever you like, even if it's not bright green springtime with a lush lawn.

Your buyers might be different than you'd have at other points on the calendar, but that doesn't mean you can't acquire plenty of interest and offers. Here are 3 tips that can help you make the most out of selling this time of year:

Focus on the individuality of your buyers and what appeals to them most.

#1: Understand Your Market

People who buy in the fall usually don't have school-age children. They're younger and maybe first-time home buyers, or they might be older empty nesters. That's not to say that no families with young children buy in the fall, but most have kids situated in school and wait to move until the academic year is over.

With younger buyers, the desire to buy is there but money might be an issue, says Bob Vila. Boost interest by highlighting what's great for younger people in your area, and be patient with loan approval times. They could take longer than with more established buyers with a stronger credit rating.

Mature empty nesters have different desires, which you can also play up. For example, Vila recommends touting the multi-function possibilities of your house, such as how extra bedrooms could be an office or hobby space. And this age group might also be more interested in proximity to amenities such as parks, shopping, and outdoor exercise such as golf.

Leaves add beautiful color, but they need to stay tidy.

#2: Give Your Property the Big Clean Up® says to keep leaves cleared, including in the gutters, and do a thorough trimming of the landscaping to make it look tidy. If it's rainy where you live in the fall, keep plenty of mats around to keep tracking down to a minimum. And don't forget to wash the windows inside and out.

Fall plantings can help boost your curb appeal, but you'll need the right ones. Brightly colored mums either planted in beds or in pots on the porch are a nod to the season plus they add color where the grass might be fading. This is also a good time to mulch the planting beds. It helps protect plants over the winter, plus it makes the landscaping look fresh and well kept.

If your siding or trim need attention, now is the time for some fresh paint or pressure washing. The same goes for the front door, especially since that's your home's real welcome to prospective buyers.

A cozy fire makes a home feel inviting, but give it a test run before the open house.

#3: Make the Indoors Cozy

The look and feel of your home's interior should reflect the season, too. You don't need to paint the walls, at least not unless they're dingy. But swapping out some of the decor for fall tones can set the right mood.

Add toss cushions in rich fabrics and bold fall colors to enhance sofas, chairs and beds. An artificial floral centerpiece on a table brings in more color, as can a new rug.

If you really want your home to to feel cozy and welcoming, make sure that all of your lights have fresh bulbs and tempt your buyers with the scent of fresh baked goods. Good lighting shows off the beautify of your home. Apple pie or pumpkin bread fresh from the oven might make a great treat to anyone viewing your house. And it's a lot less likely to trigger a terrible allergic reaction than a spritz of air freshener.

Spring and summer might be the classic times to list real estate for sale. But that doesn't mean you can't get plenty of interested buyers any time of year, including the fall. If you really think about it, this might actually prove to be a great time to sell. Autumn has close ties with hearth and home, which can tug at anyone's desire for a new home of their own.

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