In today's market, where home values are rising and there is a lack of inventory of homes available for sale, you may find many agents' businesses are tightening due to lack of inventory. Various markets are finding agents starting to offer buyers and sellers extras and are going above and beyond what their normal real estate services would include.

Free Home Warranties

In an article on it states, "...average home warranty prices range from $350 to $600 per year." If you are a seller, ask your real estate agent to purchase a home warranty for you and your buyers as part of a marketing strategy. Most buyers like when sellers pay for home warranties. Seller's coverage will begin the day the policy is purchased and end the day of closing. Then, the buyer's coverage will kick in. Buyer's coverage is typically for a year from the date of closing. If you are a buyer, ask your real estate agent to purchase a home warranty for you.

Home Staging Services

Some real estate agents will provide home staging services for their sellers. When listed homes are staged nicely, it positively improves home values. Typically, home stagers charge by the hour. If you are a seller, ask your real estate agent if he will purchase a few hours of home staging services. If you are a buyer, ask if your agent will purchase a few hours of services after closing to act more like home decorating services.

Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services will benefit both buyers and sellers. Real estate agents always advise their sellers to have their homes cleaned before listing them. Sellers also need to be sure their homes are satisfactorily cleaned before closing. Sellers can ask their real estate agents to provide home cleaning services before listing and also before closing. Buyers can always ask their agents for a "move-in" cleaning. This way, they are sure to have a clean home before they move their belongings in.

Home Organizing Services

Home organizing services are becoming more and more popular these days. Home organizing companies will come into your home and work with you on organizing closets, pantries, cabinets, garages, basements and more. They will help you decide what to keep, what to sell, what to donate and what to discard. Home sellers can definitely benefit from a home organizing service. A decluttered and organized home is more attractive to home buyers. Buyers may enjoy these services when they are moving into their new home. They can move in and be organized right off the bat.

Home Packing and Moving Services

Sellers and buyers alike can sure use help with the costs of packing and moving. Feel free to ask your real estate agent to cover or help with the costs of moving.

If you are a buyer or a seller, feel free to ask the real estate agents you are interviewing if they will include some or all of these services. You may be surprised that some agents will be happy to include them because they are earning a nice commission. If you find an agent who will go above and beyond, they may not be so inclined to negotiate their commission.