Selling a home, one of your most expensive possessions, can catapult you into a better place financially. Before putting your home up for sale, you should get an estimate of your home value,  either independently or through your real estate agent. The Home Estimate can tell you what your home is worth and what you may get in the current sales climate. If the number is a little shy of what you wish to sell your home for, you can make some improvements to get the best price possible. Here are four tips for getting an excellent sales price for your home.

Spruce up the exterior of your home
How your homes looks on the outside will either repel or attract buyers. No matter how nice the interior of the home is, if the exterior looks like it is a bit run down, this will bring down the bidding on your home. Be sure to get the yard landscaped and touch up the paint or siding to look brand new. A great exterior will also bring in buyers who happened to drive by and see your 'for sale' sign.

Go back to builder's beige
Though you may enjoy a splash or more of color in your home, the people who are looking at the house may not. When selling to buyers, you want them to be able to see the structure of the home and a blank slate to work with. Colorful walls can be a turn off. Repaint the home a builder's beige shade and take away any other colorful changes, such as excessive decorations.

Make small bathroom upgrades
It is well known that upgraded bathrooms and kitchens increase the worth of a home. While you may not be able to perform a major renovation of your bathroom, small changes will make a difference. Remove small tile and replace it with large tile that looks new and clean. Swap out the handles on the sink and shower with more modern-looking handles. These small changes, plus a deep cleaning, can make the room look new and expensive.

Sell when the neighborhood is at occupancy
Neighborhoods that have a large amount of vacant homes means more leverage for buyers. On the flip side, low availability in a desirable area means a seller's market. If you want to fetch an excellent price for your home, sell when your neighborhood is at its height of occupancy. Along with your real estate agent, determine how many comps are in the area and the percentage of owner occupancy in your neighborhood. List your home when real estate when your neighborhood has low availability, so that you can get the price that you desire for your house.