Home buyers almost always have a professional home inspection performed by a licensed inspection company when they purchase a home. However, it is not a bad idea for sellers to have a home inspection, or pre-listing home inspection, performed as well. Home values are still rising; however, sellers should still be putting forth their best efforts to sell safe and defect-free homes. In fact, if you are in the market to sell your home, doing so may net you more money when you sell.

Price Your Home Right

If you have a pre-listing home inspection performed and you know the condition of your home, you are at an advantage. If there are not any major defects or safety hazards found, you are more apt to be able to price your home at the top of the market. If any major defects or safety hazards are discovered, you have the opportunity to get them fixed before selling your home in order to get the optimal sales price. If there aren't many issues, or just minor ones that you don't wish to fix, you can price your house accordingly if the buyers will only have a few items to resolve after closing.

Less Risk

If you have a pre-listing home inspection and you are made aware of some major defects of safety hazards, you are able to remediate them before you sell your home placing you at less risk for any liability. In most states, sellers have to fill out and sign a property disclosure for defects and safety hazards in the home. Resolving the issues ahead of time is a smart and more legally-sound idea.

Fewer Negotiations

Almost all sales contracts have a clause with a provision in them for buyers to be able to have professional home inspections performed during a certain number of business days from the contract date. If buyers are made aware of defects and safety hazards in the homes they are buying, they will typically try to negotiate a remedy. They may ask for the issues to be repaired or replaced. They may ask for a monetary credit at closing so they can get the issues taken care of after closing. By having a seller's home inspection performed before listing, you have the opportunity to get these defects and hazards resolved before you even list your home for sale. This way, you will have fewer negotiations with your buyer. Do not be surprised if your buyer still has a professional home inspection performed at his own cost, even if you have already had a seller's inspection.

Improve Your Marketing

If you have a seller's inspection done, your real estate broker can advertise and market your home in a manner that you are putting forth your best efforts to convey a safe home. An article on hometeam.com states, "A pre-listing inspection not only helps prepare the home for selling, but also gives the future owners confidence that the home is well kept." You will start out the transaction with trust already built between you and your buyer.

Sellers who have their own seller's inspections, or pre-listing inspections, performed are more likely to keep their home values at the height of the market. If you share this information with prospective buyers, you may attract more serious buyers who will offer you not only a very competitive price for your home, but more attractive terms as well.