We all spent a significant amount of time at home in 2020 due to Covid-19 stay-at-home orders.  As we haven't taken vacations and witnessed a lot of political and social unrest this past year, home is our place for comfort. This is true now more than ever. This has all caused a change in home decor trends for 2021. New colors, furniture styles and decor trends have evolved. According to rismedia.com, two new home decor trends are hot off the press: cottagecore and grandmillennial.

On Trend Colors for 2021

Colors are trending towards warm. The trend has been gray walls and white cabinets, doors and trim for the past few years. That look isn't falling to the wayside quite yet, as Pantone just announced that their Colors of the Year 2021 are "Ultimate Gray" and "Illuminating," which is a vibrant yellow. These colors are to symbolize "life's analog pleasures, security and comfort, and hope for a brighter future." According to rismedia.com, beiges and browns are coming back because they are warmer colors. Darker wood cabinets are on trend as well. These warmer colors symbolize comfort.

Benjamin Moore has announced that their Color of the Year 2021 is "Aegean Teal." The color is described as "a balanced, soothing hue that creates natural harmony." Benjamin Moore wants to create a proxy for the sea in our homes, because "looking at water is a well-known stress reliever." This circles back around to the fact that many people haven't been able to vacation to tropical places this past year.

Trending Furniture Styles

Warm, comfy furniture is also trending now. Rattan furniture and caned furniture are coming back. The need for furniture to match isn't necessary anymore. According to Patty McNease, Vice President of Brand Marketing for Homes.com, using different pieces and styles of furniture in a room are fine "as long as the pieces flow within the space." Add some bright colored pillows or throw blankets to the furniture to incorporate today's trending colors.

Cottagecore Style

According to rismedia.com, the Cottagecore style became popular through social media this past year. The idea of Cottagecore is finding ways to create a more comfortable home since so many people have been seeking comfort because of the pandemic and all that has been going on in the world. If you're selling your home, try decorating in the Cottagecore style to add to your home value.

Grandmillennial Style

The Grandmillennial style takes Cottagecore a bit further. According to rismedia.com, this style is "bringing back all of the comforts of your childhood home" with a modern twist or vibe. People are displaying family heirlooms in creative and modern ways. They are using bold, vintage colors such as orange, yellow and lime green as pops of color in their decorating. Vintage and nostalgic patterns such as checkered floors and carpeting are being used as well. Old, comfortable furniture is being used. Think of the old recliner chair that grandpa used to sit in.

Home buyers are telling the market there's greater home value in these new home decor trends. As Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home." The changing 2021 home decor trends can sure help make our homes comfortable retreats while we navigate the future of Covid-19 and the world as we know it right now.