Making updates to your home can significantly add to your home values. Small updates such as fixtures or window treatments can also add value as well. According to an article written by Jennifer Schmidt and Richard Haddad on titled, What is Considered a Fixture When Selling a House?, "A fixture is typically defined as an object that is physically attached to real property that would require tools to remove it." There are many types of fixtures in homes, some of which you might not think to update. However, updating even the smallest fixtures may increase your home value.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are some of the most obvious in a home. Replacing light fixtures, chandeliers and ceiling fans can change the entire look, feel and character of a room or home.. According to an article on, "Lighting trends ranging from overhead pendants, elegant sculptural shapes and styles and bespoke fittings, these are just some of the lighting trends our experts have predicted will set the design world alight or 2022." Artful and bold ceiling lights, ceiling fans and chandeliers are the focal points of the rooms in today's homes. Multiple light fixtures in a room can serve as layered lighting to brighten up a room even on the dreariest of days. Light fixtures can serve as a piece of art on a wall as well. Today's world can sometimes be dark, so create the feel of light and bright in your home for comfort and hope.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are primarily used for light and privacy control. They are also used to add fashion, color and statements to rooms. They come in various styles such as blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and the like. Terri Williams wrote an article for, 2022 Window Treatment Trends. She states, "A window treatment provides privacy, lets the sun in (or not) and helps keep the cold weather out. And it does all of this while dressing up your windows and making your rooms look formal and elegant, modern or romantic- or while making a whimsical or bold design statement." She goes on to say, "Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments..." and recommends roller or roman shades to be one of the popular window treatment choices today.

Bathroom Fixtures

Simply changing your bathroom fixtures to a more trending or timeless metal can add life to your bathrooms. Be sure to change the faucets in your sinks, bathtubs and showers. Change your cabinet pulls and bathrooms light fixtures as well. Oil rubbed bronze has been a rising on trend metal for its timelessness. Brushed nickel and chrome are still trending as well. We are starting to see gold tones, such as brass, come back in style. This time around, however, they will be in a matte or flat finish. If your bathroom mirror has a frame around it, be sure it matches the updated fixtures or consider replacing it.

Cabinet and Door Fixtures

When you think of changing the fixtures in your home, you may not think of your doors and cabinets. Doorknobs, handles, locks, hinges and strike plates are fixtures. So are cabinet hinges, handles, knobs and pulls. It may seem like a lot of work and a lot of money to replace every single knob, handle, or hinge, however, those who do will reap the rewards of higher home values.

If you are looking for less expensive, smaller and more simple ways of updating your home and increasing your home's value, consider replacing the fixtures in your home. Replacing some of them or all of them will make a difference.