New technologies are continuing to be introduced and adapted by consumers to make homes "smarter." This "smart technology" is making life easier, safer and more convenient for homeowners. Installing and utilizing smart home technology in your home may help improve your home value as well as save you money.

Smart TVs

Many of you are familiar with and may have been using some of this technology for years. Smart TVs have been around for many years and their technology has improved over the years. Today you can stream on-demand content, access Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, browse the web, watch YouTube, listen to music, play games, scroll social media and more. Long gone are the days of having only 3 national networks to choose from.

Smart Video Doorbells and Security Systems

Video doorbells and home security systems such as the Ring and Nest brands have also been around for a while. They are managed with an app on your smart phone where you receive alerts and can view cameras for your doorbell and other locations around your home. It's common for them to have video capabilities where you can retain videos of activity on your doorbell and security cameras.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been around for a while. With a smart thermostat you can schedule it to change temperatures throughout the day. For example, you can set it at a certain temperature when you are not at home, and then have it changed to a more comfortable temperature for when you get home. Many of these smart thermostats can now be controlled through an app on your smart phone. You can save money on your utility bills by using a smart thermostat.

Smart Garage Door Openers

There are electric garage door openers which have apps that you can use to open and close your garage door. This is a wonderful safety feature, as you can check to make sure your garage door is closed and secure when you are not home. If you have multiple family members constantly going in and out, you can be sure the garage door is closed just by checking the app.

Smart Locks

You can buy smart locks for your doors that are operated by using an app as well. You'll enter a code through the app to unlock it. For this as in most other smart systems, you'll need a solid, secure Wi-Fi network for your home. So are days for the key under the door mat gone? Be sure to have a back-up plan in place should your Wi-Fi go down.

Smart Blinds

A luxury for most, smart blinds can be installed in all your windows. Again, controlled by an app, you'll save time by having your blinds opened and closed, raised and lowered automatically each day and night.

Smart Home Assistants

Alexa and Google are great examples of smart home assistants. The possibilities are endless. You can ask them about the weather, turn on or off your lights, play music or as an encyclopedia to share knowledge. They've been known to tell a pretty good joke now and again as well.

Smart Appliances

Most major appliance brands are joining the smart home technology bandwagon. They too, are controlled by an app and can be turned on/off at times convenient to you, start your oven at a certain time and temperature, warn you when certain food is about to expire and more.  

Smart Showerhead

There are even smart shower heads that you can use to set your water to a certain temperature and set a time limit on the length of your shower. Think of the water and money you will save.

In an article on, written by Bridget Reed Morawski on December 26, 2022, she states, "A report published in October by Parks Associates, an emerging consumer technology research firm, surveyed 10,000 US households connected to the internet and found that 27% had bought a smart home device in the previous 12 months." Smart home technology can be money-saving, make your life easier, keep you safer and even improve your home value.