In the world of real estate, kitchens are one of the top considerations for buyers in a home. Up to date, upgraded, well-functioning kitchens add home value. If your kitchen is in need of some updates and upgrades, consider ones that you will not only love, but that will make your life easier.

Open Concept

Kitchens tend to function as gathering places for family and friends. An open concept kitchen will do wonders for your family and help add space when you entertain. Imagine an entire kitchen and eating area open to a living area such as a great room, family room, dining room or living room. Think of the conversations, closeness and bonding you will gain by being closer to and able to communicate with family and friends while preparing food in the kitchen. If you do not have the physical square footage and space, it may be a simple fix such as taking down a non-weightbearing wall. If not, try and add a pass-through window from a smaller, enclosed kitchen to the dining area if you can. If you have the space, a center island is a wonderful addition that helps create the same environment.

Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets come in all types of materials, styles, colors and price ranges nowadays. If your budget allows, think of cabinets that are not only beautiful, but ones that will make life a little easier and more functional. If space allows, go for 42-inch cabinets which offer more room for storage. Think soft-close cabinet doors and cabinets with built-in sliding shelves, to name a few features.


Your budget will dictate the type of counters you can afford. Laminate counters are typically more affordable. They come in many upgraded looks. Granite counters has been the favorite for quite some time. You can place hot dishes, pots and pans on granite, so you won't need trivets or hot pads. Quartz countertops are the new rage. Even butcher block cabinets are making a come-back.


Appliances are another kitchen staple that come in many different materials, colors, designs and price ranges. Think about what kind of space you have as well as your budget. More and more people are cooking from home, so double ovens have been more popular of late. Some people like the idea of an oven with a dual function convection/microwave above it. Stovetops with different sized burners and a grill-type attachment are trending. Statement range hoods are also not only on trend but increase functionality for those who cook with spices and oils. Decide what type of refrigerator style fits your needs best: side-by-side, a French door style with a refrigerator on top and freezer on the bottom, or a traditional one with the freezer on top.


Sinks are another consideration. Double sinks can be more functional. Larger, farmhouse sinks are trending. Multiple sinks in a kitchen such as a second sink in the island or a wet bar area with a sink are convenient and can make life easier as well.

Added Beauty and Colors

Think about added beauty and pops of color in your kitchen. Backsplashes come in many styles and colors. They are actually functional because you can wipe them down and get off grease and water as well. Paint your kitchen in a bright color. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning in a cheery-looking kitchen. Some people are painting their islands a different color than their cabinet color. This adds pop and beauty as well.

Improve your home value by making your kitchen a statement. This article written by Monique Valeris on, 21 Top Kitchen Trends Design Pros Want You to Try in 2022 has even more ideas.