There are a few easy landscaping basics every homeowner should consider doing that can instantly improve your property's curb appeal and raise your overall home value at the same time.

Don't Cut the Grass Too Short to Prevent Sun Scorching

Almost every homeowner knows that a green and lush lawn is one of the most important aspects in an aesthetically pleasing outdoor landscaping design. While getting out there with a mower might seem the thing to do, beware of cropping the grass off too short. The inner grass and tender roots will be in danger of getting scorched in the hot summer heat if their tops are cut too close to the ground.

Use Caution When Watering the Lawn & Garden Plants

Also, remember that watering the grass and garden flowers during the hot midday sun hours can result in further burning as the water droplets act as a sunlight magnifier. Water early in the morning or later in the afternoon into early evening.

Create Clean Crisp Borders Along Walkway, Flowerbeds & More

There is a reason why so many people admire Asian inspired landscaping. Japanese gardens often have lovely border lines along walkways, drives, surrounding flower beds and under shade trees. To get this visually pleasing effect, the gardener takes time to build and carefully outline key focal features throughout the yard like a reflection pond, colorful flower garden borders and perhaps an outdoor water feature or fire pit.

Add Depth, Texture & Symmetry to Create a 3-D Panoramic View

Just like painters and sculptors, landscapers are also artists. They can bring forth intense beauty from barren dirt yards transforming it into a magnificent explosion of colorful blooms carefully planted in an original design. Add symmetry in order to keep the entire landscape in a gorgeous balance.

Adding new mulch, stones or ground covering plants can be the foundation of your envisioned design. Group plants together by height, colors, species to create texture and depth that gives passerby traffic a stunning 3-D panoramic view.

Use Natural Privacy Borders like Shade Trees, Shrubs or Stone/Rock Walls

Most homeowners do like a bit more privacy for at least one area of their yard. Putting up privacy fences does not have to mean installing cold and rather boring chain link fences.

Try planting a row of pine trees, add a border with shrubs planted in a row or create a pretty wall by using raised flowerbeds or pots of greenery along the property line. Make sure that the neighbor's side of the border looks terrific too.

Connect Different Levels & Spaces with Steps & Decks

Experienced landscapers know that a property that is designed to blend effortlessly into the natural scenery typically results in a spectacular outcome that elevates home value. If the yard or outdoor spaces are on different ground levels, attempt to connect those levels and different outdoor spaces together by using steps, decks, balconies and patios.

Don't Forget the Lighting for Welcoming Ambiance

No outdoor landscape that will be used for entertaining should become pitch black after the sun sets. Install a variety of warmly glowing lights in strategic places.

Create a cozy seating area around an outdoor fireplace, hang lovely amber lanterns around a covered porch and install solar powered lampposts with golden globes along the walkway to entice visitors right up to your welcoming doorstep.