Historically, the spring and summer months are the best time of the year to sell a home as home values rise during these peak months. In the fall, the real estate market tends to level off and prices remain steady. Once the holidays come around, starting in mid-November, the market slows down. During the winter market, sellers usually have to price their homes more aggressively.  

There are exceptions to this historical real estate market trend. Before the recession in 2008, when the real estate market was full-throttle, homes were still selling very well during the holiday season and winter. At the present time, during this holiday season, the real estate market is also very strong. This is because real estate is the driving force in bringing the damaged economy back from the coronavirus pandemic. Here are several general tips to remember about the anomalies of selling your home during the holidays.

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker who has many years of experience in selling homes during the holidays will know the best strategies to help you market and get the best price for your home. This is especially true if your agent has been in the real estate business during the booming years in real estate as well as during the challenging markets.

Price Your Home to Sell

In a typical winter market, when trying to sell your home during the holidays, it's important to price your home to sell. Your home will sell faster and your buyers will feel more positive. When buyers pay fair home values, they are less likely to go overboard picking on the flaws in the home during the home inspection period. However, this year may be different. Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, predicts that this winter and holiday season will be one of the best winter sales markets ever.

Prioritize Your Home's Curb Appeal

During the winter holiday months, most landscaping isn't looking it's best. The grass isn't as green as it is during the spring and summer. The flowers aren't blooming as abundantly as they do other times of year. Be sure to trim and prune bushes and other landscaping plants so they look pleasing to the eyes. Be sure to remove any dead leaves in the grass and landscaping beds. A new layer of mulch or other landscaping material will spruce up your landscaping beds as well. If you live in an area where there is snow or ice, always make sure it is cleared when you have your home on the market. You want the driveway and walkways to be safe for agents and buyers who come to your home for showings.

Keep Holiday Decorations at a Minimum

Less is better. The less clutter you have in your home when it's on the market for sale, the better. This includes holiday decorations. Make sure your holiday decorations are kept at a minimum and are accentuating your home decor. Some people take this advise and don't do any decorating. That's not the right answer. You want your home to have holiday spirit and feel welcoming.

Professional Real Estate Photos

Be sure your real estate agent takes high quality photos of your home or uses a professional real estate photographer. Most people see your home first online before they see it in person.

Selling your home during the holidays is easier if you follow these simple steps. You'll sell your home in less time, for more money and experience less stress.