This year's real estate market was unlike one we've seen in a very long time. So many factors contributed to the influx of buyers to the market and the low inventory, or lack of homes available for sale. Home values increased at record numbers. Lawrence Yun, the chief economist of the National Association of Realtors states, "All markets are seeing strong conditions and home sales are the best they have been in 15 years. At the moment, homes sales are the standout. And although there should be a slowdown going into 2022, they will likely remain above pre-pandemic levels."

As we move into the winter holiday season, home sales are still strong. Sellers continue to place their homes on the market for sale, so it is important to keep in mind that staging is always important when you sell a home. There are a few bits of advice for staging your home during the holidays.

Less is More

The key to staging is keeping it minimal. Make rooms look larger by removing some furniture. Be sure it's easy for prospective buyers to walk around. There should be an easy path from room to room. Keep decor and holiday decorations to a minimum as well. A holiday throw pillow on the couch adds a nice touch. A few new candles on a coffee table looks pleasing. Don't put up too many holiday decorations and string lights in rooms or outside. Keep them packed for next year.

Be Sure It's Tasteful

Keeping decorations tasteful and not overly funny or offensive is important. Ever seen the "leg lamp" from the movie "A Christmas Story". This is an example of what not to display when you're selling your home during the holidays. Too many blow-up decorations on your front lawn is also not very tasteful. A simple string of lights with some evergreen garland around your front door is pleasing to the eyes.

Make it Appealing to All Cultures

Be sure to make your staging and decorating appealing to all cultures. There are many different holidays that are celebrated in the winter. These include, but are not limited to: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and Chinese New Year. Many of these holidays celebrate with lights. White lights are a wise choice, as it encompasses almost all cultures. Be sure your decorations are not too religious as your prospective buyers may practice different religions. Let them use their imaginations on how their personal decorations will fill the home.

The Less Personal, the Better

Another tip for staging your home during the holidays is to keep your decorations impersonal. Take down your family photos. Don't display your entire collection of gingerbread houses, for example. If your home has a prayer or meditation area, you may want to consider creating a small reading area or sitting area instead. A chair with a blanket and pillow on it with a few tasteful magazines or classic books on a side table will give people the feeling of relaxation and calm.

Many real estate professionals are qualified to give you great advice on staging during the holidays. You can also hire a professional home stager if your budget allows. One piece of advice is to keep most of your holiday decorations packed. Start packing other decor, collections, personal items, and the like. Move your large, bulky items and furniture to storage. A successful home sale and higher home value will be your reward.