When selling your home, staging is an important "cog in the wheel" of the process. Taking time and care to appropriately stage will earn you the home value it deserves. There are of course, various degrees of staging. Today's TV shows lead us to believe that sellers need a home that is professionally staged with new, fashionable furniture and decor. That's not always practical. Home sellers should not be afraid or stressed about staging.

What's Expected For Every Home Sale

There are certain expectations when selling your home. The first and foremost is a deep cleaning, then comes curb appeal. You want buyers to see a well-manicured yard, and a desirable-looking exterior as this is the first impression they have of your home. Depending on the condition of your home, other work or updating may be expected. If there are obvious defects or safety issues, it's advisable to make repairs. If something doesn't work, get it repaired or replaced before listing your home for sale. Sometimes homes need a little tender loving care (TLC) in the cosmetic department. If your home is in dire need of new carpeting or paint, your should have new carpeting installed and a fresh coat of paint put on the walls.

Additional Steps of Staging

There are various degrees of effort and need in staging a home. A first and simple step is to make your home look as clutter-free as possible. If you have too many pictures on the walls and too many knickknacks or tchotchkes on tables, counters or dressers, take them down and pack them away. If a room has too much furniture in it, it will look smaller. Take out unnecessary pieces of furniture and put them in the garage or storage. If your furniture is old, outdated and dirty, take it out of the home.

The kitchen is easily staged. Take as much as you can off of the counters such as coffee pots, toasters, crock pots, utensils and more. Store them away when your home is listed for sale.

Some will feel the need to hire a professional home staging company and rent furniture and decor. It's not uncommon for a home with a higher property value to need this expertise. After all, selling a million dollar home requires creating a vision.

Don't Leave it Vacant

Selling a home headed for a complete remodel and rehab doesn't need the time and attention most homes do. As most homes don't fall in this category, don't leave your home empty as vacant homes need some type of staging. For smaller homes, a couple plants and a small table here and there will do. Place towels and rugs in bathrooms and the kitchen for a pop of color. A bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter is always appealing. In larger, more expensive homes, it's advisable to keep a few larger pieces of your furniture in the home if it's in good condition and not outdated. If so, rent some new, fashionable staging furniture.

When preparing to sell, sit down with your real estate professional to discuss and agree to your strategy for preparing your home. Whether is be decluttering and touch up paint or a full redo, your agent will guide you to the correct solution.