As many people now have to work or attend school online at home, this could be an ideal time to freshen up the house a bit. With everyone cooped up in the home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, it can get old and boring staring at the same old interior design from day-to-day.

Read on for some quick, simple and inexpensive ways to freshen up the look and feel of your homestead. This is fun distraction that can reap many benefits and rejuvenate the family's mood and spirit and perhaps increase your home value in the process.

Pick Up the Spirit by Adding Pops of Color to Your Indoor Spaces

Color can bring forth feelings and emotions. Adding some color pops to your indoor spaces can elevate the mood and banish those cold-weather and pandemic blues. Consider painting an accent wall in a room where you spend a lot of time.

Add new sofa pillows and/or a soft and warm throw to keep everyone toasty while binge watching television shows or during family movie nights. Trending colors right now include jewel tones in hues that are rich and refreshing like emerald green, deep claret or a dark midnight blue.

Consider Buying New Comfortable Furniture if the Budget Allows

It may seem like a strange time to upgrade to new living room furniture, that dining room table you've been yearning for or a new bedframe, headboard and mattress. Buying local can help keep small businesses afloat during these difficult times.

Another good reason to buy now if able is that many furniture and department stores are holding ridiculously low sale prices on many of these items. Some stores have online sites making delivery of these items easy and safe.

Add Some Indoor Lighting to Brighten Up the Rooms

Installing new lighting is an outstanding idea that doesn't have to cost a lot if shoppers do their research and look for bargains first. If the budget is a bit tight, consider adding one or two beautiful lamps, hang fairy-lights in the kid's rooms or install new pendant lighting fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.

Check out the innovative and simply gorgeous new LED lighting. These lights not only look fabulous, they can save homeowners money on their monthly energy bill as well.

Rearrange Your Collection of Artwork & Décor Items or Buy New Ones

To recharge your happy feelings, rearrange your current collection of artwork and decorative items for a fresh new look that will surely make everyone smile. If your artwork collection is sparse, consider buying new pieces.

Trending now in elite interior design circles are lighter woods in Scandinavian design styles, lots of nature-inspired décor with some raw authentic realism, and use of more sustainable and zero waste materials like plastics in modern contemporary statement pieces and artwork.

A Few More Thoughts Regarding Trending Designs

A deeper and rich royal or peacock blue is going to be the new black in 2021. Clean wide-open spaces are paired with minimalist design with luxury features. Consumers today desire pure and natural materials along with unique handcrafted home design elements wherever possible. Bringing nature and natural light indoors is a prevailing trend.

As you'll see, there are a lot of small ways to transform our forced-prison-like home fortress back into the safe haven that keeps our family protected and feeling loved, hopeful and calm while we all ride this storm out together.