As rising cost of living expenses create concern for many people looking to keep overall living costs lower, tiny homes are fast becoming an attractive option. As a direct result, many are wondering how and where to find a suitable tiny home.

Determine Whether You Desire a Permanently Located Tiny Home or a Mobile One

Tiny homes today can be found permanently located on a beautiful patch of land, or they can be used as mobile homes with a bit more flair and comfort than a traditional camper or RV. It is necessary to first determine which group your future tiny home needs will fall into before making a pricey investment. Some things to ask about tiny homes include:

  • Do tiny homes appreciate or depreciate over time?
  • Are you wanting to travel with a mobile tiny home or stay put on one place?
  • Are your living circumstances expected to change? i.e. starting a family, retiring, etc.
  • Determine your actual costs of living
  • What is your goal in purchasing a tiny home?
  • Determine what you want by way of living comforts, luxury features and space requirements

Tips for Finding a Nice Tiny Home for Potential Buyers

There are a growing number of resources to find great tiny homes that potential buyers should seriously consider. These smaller homes can be found in traditional RV and travel magazines or websites as well as through real estate agencies or property brokers. As the market grows, several tiny home sites had hit the market including and

Buying New or Used

Like any sort of real estate, there are pros and cons with buying new or used tiny homes as well. It is wise to first determine why you wish to buy a tiny home before actually going forward with purchasing one. For example, do you expect to use the home as just a family vacation spot, or will you want to live in the house on a permanent basis through the year?

Also think about space requirements needed, where you will want to locate your tiny house and luxury amenities. These homes can also be bought already finished or as a DIY building kit for those handy with home improvement projects.

Time Your Purchase of a Tiny Home Well for the Best Prices

Just like buying any piece of real estate, potential tiny house buyers should carefully time when they will buy their home well for the best deals on the prices. For example, buying a tiny house off-season might get you a better price.

Plan to spend a longer time looking at tiny homes if planning to use the home as a future retirement dwelling. Tiny homes can be found for stellar prices when buying at the right time.