Popular home styles vary from area to area. You might even find it challenging to decipher the style of the home you are in now or the home you are about to buy. You can begin by learning about five popular home styles in today's market and what will evolve in the future. When shopping for a home to purchase, be aware of the popular styles in your area. They may have a positive affect on home values.  

Green and Eco-Conscious

Green and eco-conscious homes are high on the list of popular home styles right now according to an article on thermory.com. The article states, "Considering the state of the world, sustainable solutions and natural or recycled materials are the only options going forward." It goes on to say, "Green architecture is not any more just about how a building looks, but also how it's made, how efficiently it functions, and what will become of it if it's not needed anymore." A home style which uses natural light to its advantage and water recycling systems are a couple ways to build a green and eco-conscious house style.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style has been popular for quite some time. This style takes the classic farmhouse style and turns it into a little less rustic. It adds more contemporary touches such as neutral color schemes with glossy touches. It is more sophisticated but still evokes the look of a farmhouse with a huge wrap-around front porch.

Hipstoric Heritage Homes

An article written by Sydney Meister on January 10, 2023, on purewow.com, cites a new home style called Hipstoric Heritage. It is a modern home style that takes you back to your roots in a more traditional and rustic direction. According to Meister, "It is a style that features a mix of historic, 20th century with modern eclectic accents." It is a style similar to an aspen ski lodge. Some examples are using dark wood surfaces and ornate architectural moldings. A less open floor plan is starting to become the future once again.

Styles Using the Earth

According to Keith Flanagan on December 7, 2022, on livingetc.com, the next trend in architecture is, " More space, more storage, more flexibility. Lower rents, a higher resistance to climate change and cheaper costs to build. Sustainability." He mentions the use of materials such as cork, wood and hemp.  Buoyant buildings on water are part of the future as there becomes less availability of land. Portable structures and tiny homes are part of the future as well. Adding these on to your current piece of land can take the place of buying a larger house.

Classic Building Style

The classic architectural building style is timeless. According to an article written by Mackenzie Raymond on April 3, 2022, on smithbuildingcompany.com, the classic building style using elements of Greek architecture such as columns and stripes will ensure that your home has a timeless style. She mentions functionality and limiting color. She states that room layout and storage are essential elements in a house. Also, limiting paint colors will keep your house from being a fad. She advises to accessorize with colors but do not paint with anything but neutral tones.
These top five home styles are listed in no particular order. They are popular now and will continue to evolve this year and in the near future. These styles of homes might even bring about higher home values as well.