Even though it's the middle of winter, it is not too early to start thinking about spring. Get creative on those long, cold nights and start planning and improvement plan for your landscaping. Updating your landscaping and improving its curb appeal will add to your home value. Small projects each year and annual maintenance will save you from costly repairs and projects if you let it go too long without tending to.

Trees and Bushes

Tree roots can damage the foundation of your home if you have a large tree planted too close to your house. Roots have a way of finding walkways and driveways, often growing underneath, resulting in lifting and cracking. If you see this, it's time to get a professionals opinion and perhaps have a landscaping company take down the tree. A professional will offer suggestions for replacement options that will flourish in your area.  

Tree branches and bushes that are too close to the siding of your house can cause damage. Have your trees and bushes trimmed so that they are far enough away from your siding. Also, be sure branches are trimmed away from your exterior central air conditioning unit. Trees that hang over your roof can result in branches falling on it which may cause roof damage. Also, leaves can clog your gutters. This is another reason to be sure tree branches are trimmed away from your house.

Landscaping Beds

Spring is a sign of new life. A fresh coat of mulch or other landscaping cover will add new life and do wonders to freshen up your landscaping beds. It helps protect the roots of the bushes and other plants in your beds. New mulch helps reduce the number of weeds in your beds and helps conserve moisture in the soil as well. According to an article on countryliving.com, How Much Mulch Do I Need? a two-inch depth of mulch is ideal.

Lawn Care

Spring is also a perfect time to tend to your lawn. Dethatch your lawn by raking it to remove decaying matter. Consider an aerating treatment to loosen the soil so that the grass doesn't suffocate. An aerating treatment will help your grass absorb nutrients as well. Manually pull weeds or apply a weed treatment to your lawn. Seed spots that are bare. Apply a good fertilizer treatment to give your lawn the best nutrients possible and to help ensure that it is healthy and green. And last, don't neglect giving the your the proper amount of water. Sunshine, water and healthy soil are key to a lush, green lawn.

Perennials and Annuals

Once you've finished with your landscaping's cleanup and maintenance, it's time to add a bit of color. Flowers always add a ray of sunshine to your landscaping beds. Add perennials if you have a few open spots here and thereas they will come back each year. Plant spring bulbs and seasonal annuals to help fill in any other open spots you may have that need a pop of color. Annuals are wonderful because they do not grow back each year. This way, you can have fun by adding new flowers and giving your landscaping new looks every season.

If you update your landscaping each spring, you might just be the best-looking house on the block. More importantly, having manicured landscaping that is pleasing to the eyes will definitely add to your home value. It will also help preserve and add life to your foundation, siding and roof.