When it's time to sell their homes, sellers should do everything in their power to maximize their home value. Most home sales include a professional home inspection and typically buyers pay for the inspection performed during the first few days after contract signing. It's optional, but most buyers want the peace of mind that there aren't any safety hazards or major defects in the home. Nowadays, more and more sellers are having a home inspection performed before they list their homes for sale. This can be very advantageous.

Address Safety Hazards and Major Defects Before Listing

When prepping your home to sell, some do cosmetic work such as painting, installing new carpeting or having the home professionally cleaned. Savvy sellers are also having pre-listing home inspections performed. This allows them to take care of any safety hazards or major defects in their homes before listing them for sale. This translates to less issues you'll have do deal with when the buyers have their own home inspection. As an added value, if you replace anything, you can advertise it as new.

Buyers Will Pay More

If buyers see that a home is clean, well taken care of and has few defects, they will trust the sellers and feel more confident in their purchase. If buyers know that you've already had an inspection, and have made some repairs or replacements in the home, they will feel confident paying a higher price for your home. Today's buyers want homes that are in good condition and move-in ready.

Saves You Money

When buyers have a home inspection and discover safety hazards or major defects in the home they are buying, they ask for repairs and replacements to be made or a monetary credit. It's not uncommon for buyers to ask for a credit that far exceeds what the actual cost will be to repair or replace the defect. If you have to schedule repairs after a buyer's inspection, you may be pressed for time to get quotes and compare prices. You may end up paying more to get things done faster. By having your seller's inspection and taking care of issues beforehand, you will ultimately save money.

Saves Time

A seller's home inspection will save time during the transaction. If a buyer knows that there has already been a home inspection and issues addressed, they may waive having their own buyer's home inspection.

Less Stress

Having your own home inspection performed upfront will reduce the stress and anxiety that typically goes along with waiting for the buyers to have their own inspection.

A seller's home inspection will give you peace of mind that you are listing and selling a home that is in good condition. You'll most likely sell your home faster, for more money and with less stress.