Sellers should pay particular attention to the exterior condition and curb appeal of their home before they list it for sale. Curb appeal sets a buyer's expectations of a home. If buyers admire the curb appeal of a home, they expect and assume that the interior of the home is well taken care of. A positive feeling about curb appeal entices buyers to want to see the inside. It automatically gets them excited and emotionally connected to the home. The greater the connect, the more likely they are to write an offer.

Good curb appeal can increase a seller's home value and sale price. If a home's exterior is taken care of, there may be fewer home inspection issues and the purchase transaction can be a more positive one if it starts with good curb appeal.

Make Your Home Shine: Start at the Top and Move Down

Clean and check the exterior of your home by starting at the top of the house and moving down. Stand by the street and look up at the roof. Make sure there aren't any missing shingles or tree branches on the roof. Lightly power wash your roof. Power wash the siding to make sure it's clean and free of any dirt or mildew growth. It's also a good idea to power wash your driveway, front porch, deck, patio and walkways. Wash the outside of your windows as well. A good power wash and window cleaning will make your home shine and improve curb appeal.


It's imperative that your lawn and landscaping are in top-notch condition when you're selling your home. Keep your lawn mowed regularly and weed-free. Have well-defined landscaping beds and kept weed-free as well. Keep bushes and tree branches trimmed and manicured neatly. Add flowering perennials to your beds that bloom at different times of year. Plant annuals in the springtime to add pops of color to your beds. Put down new mulch, stones or ground cover. Having color, dimension and variety is a good rule of thumb for your landscaping beds. Add some uplighting to your trees and different areas of your landscaping beds for ambiance.

Stage Your Front Walkway and Front Porch

Add landscaping lights along your front walkway. Place flower pots or hanging flower baskets along your walkway or on your front porch. If you have room on your front porch, stage it by adding a couple chairs with cushions and a small table. This will give buyers the idea that your home and porch is a place to relax and enjoy. Make it look inviting and cozy. Buyers want to feel comfortable with their home purchase. These curb appeal ideas will make them feel that way.

Attractive curb appeal can definitely help increase home value. Buyers want to see that a home is well taken care of and it starts on the outside with curb appeal.