Finding the right neighborhood is easier with a bit of research and planning. Individuals, couples and young families all will likely have very different home desires and requirements.

College students, doctors doing their residency training and singles with a rising career will likely put proximity to their college or work at the top of their home list. Couples not planning to have children anytime soon might desire an up-and-coming urban neighborhood with lots of upscale shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Families with young children or couples planning to have kids soon will usually desire a neighborhood that has other families and kids. Additionally, a good school district and low area crime rates rank the highest in home search wish-lists for these home searchers.

What Factors Do Young Families Consider When Searching for Their Ideal Neighborhood?

Young families are going to want a safe neighborhood with lower crime rates. Being close to a good school district is one of the most important features that these home searchers look for in any neighborhood. Other must-haves for couples with younger children involve number of bedrooms per available homes, home value expectations, other kids of similar ages living nearby, proximity to parks or other kid-friendly spots.

Other items to consider include size of the backyards, any transportation services if in a city area, family-friendly entertainment, low-cost dining/shopping options, sidewalks, trees and whether there is room for pets. Most families with kids look for a close-knit kind of supportive neighborhood.

Neighborhood Concerns for Young Couples & Career-Minded Singles

Many young couples have careers or one or both may still be in school. Again, younger people in the workforce today prefer to live close enough to their jobs and/or school to walk or ride bikes. If they do not have a car, being close to public transportation centers is very important. Younger employees today like to be in neighborhoods that cater to this up-and-coming group.

Popular draws are upscale apartments close to work and nearby bars and nightclubs considered trendy and for their age group. These prospective home buyers or apartment seekers often prefer luxury amenities like a community swimming pool, safe parking areas, increased security, access to green spaces and high-end appliances with smart-home features.

Older Couples Looking to Downsize Their Home Wish-List

It is common for older couples that have raised their children to seek to find a smaller home that suits this new chapter of their lives. For these couples, moving to a warmer climate or to a senior community is often their first priority.

Older couples and single adults living alone often move to be closer to their kids, grandchildren and other relatives in their later years. Homes or apartments that won't require much if any outdoor lawn work are also a compelling asset.

These couples are more likely to want neighborhoods that are safe, have convenient senior-related draws like handicapped accessible bathrooms, private patios or outdoor spaces and access to community cultural events and places. Many older adults and couples look for homes that are all on one level and are equipped with advanced security features.

Another concern for aging couples is the distance to a hospital, their doctor and other medical driven needs. An older adult who lost their spouse may be looking for a community with others in similar circumstances.