There is a whole tiny home revolution going on in this country. Tiny dwellings can be portable and placed on wheels, set on skids or otherwise tied down to a permanent piece of land somewhere.

These smaller homes have captured the attention of many Americans and are usually 150 square feet and 20 feet going from front to the back. However, a tiny house can be 500 square feet or even somewhat larger in some cases.

Should People Choose Land Versus Keeping Tiny Homes Portable?

Tiny home enthusiasts often wonder which is better - buying land on which to park your tiny house or making the home portable by putting it atop wheels. There are pros and cons to both of these options that includes financial considerations specific to tiny houses among other factors.


There is something so essential about owning your own plot of land no matter the size. The idea of owning land is a cherished privilege that our forefathers fought wars to earn that important right.

Previously, landowners tended to be of royal blood or in the upper classes of society. The rest of the poor peasants were forced to work from sunup to sundown and still pay their cruel overlords taxes and fees to have the right to live on that land.

It is possible to lead a simpler lifestyle by living in a tiny home but still having the security of owning a small piece of land.

Pros of Land:

  • Sense of security
  • Stability - always have a place to call home
  • Can grow a vegetable garden or plant trees
  • Many park another tiny home on their land for visitors or rent it out for profit
  • Typically, land owners that have tiny homes save more money on average
  • A terrific way to downsize for retirees or kids fresh out of college

Cons of Land:

  • Many communities have strict zoning laws that limit places available for tiny home landowners
  • Will typically have to pay property taxes or other expenses
  • May require certain square footage minimums
  • Hooking up utilities can be expensive and difficult
  • May not like new neighbors if present ones move
  • More regulations on what you can do on the land


Keeping your tiny home on wheels means you can pick up and leave without a lot of hassles. Adventurous individuals that love to travel a lot enjoy this freedom from being tied down to one place.

Pros of Portable:

  • Can live like gypsies free to travel
  • Eliminate property or real estate taxes
  • Won't have to abide by zoning codes and other regulations
  • Ideal for downsizing
  • Can enjoy doing what you love
  • Great for relocating home for job transfers

Cons of Portable:

  • Will need a space to park - rental campsites, some mobile home parks or on a friend's land
  • Won't build up equity in home like larger permanent ones
  • Some places are better than others for tiny home living

There are wonderful possibilities for tiny home living. Have your home and/or  property assessed by a reliable land brokerage firm to determine actual home value.