For recent graduates, understanding the job market is key to beginning their successful new careers. In addition to finding employers who are searching for recent graduates to fill their open, high-paying job positions, new job recruits will also be taking a hard look at the housing market to ensure they can find a comfortable residence that should increase in home value over the years.

The top 5  jobs for recent graduates are:

  • Data Scientists
  • Most Healthcare Jobs - Physicians, Nurses, Dentists with Advanced Training and Specialty Healthcare Professions
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Statistician - Business

Job growth specialists predict that data scientists are going to be in great demand going into the next two years. Healthcare professions are obviously in huge demand with the pandemic still hanging on. Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Speech, Occupational and other Therapists will remain in demand. Many of these healthcare jobs will be in the research and educational departments.

Dentists, Dental Specialists and Speech-Language Pathologists will also be in vogue. Engineers, Software Developers and Statisticians working in Business also make the grade.

Top Cities Offering Recent Graduates More Job Potential

New graduates today are more apt to look into the housing market, economy and safety of a particular city they may be considering for their job market selection. Here are some of the popular cities that recent graduates are showing a great interest in this year.

Fargo, ND-MN

New job applicants are flocking to the mid northern plains states like the greater Fargo metro area. This city is known for its large Microsoft campus that entices many entry data and software developers along with high-tech job positions.

Fargo has a job growth market of upwards of 55%, and that number rises every year. More employers here that offer topnotch pay and phenomenal employee bonus perks are having a difficult time recruiting enough qualified workers. This region boasts several terrific universities and a top-level hospital always looking for healthcare professionals.

Boston, MA

Boston is again a terrific city for young graduates to begin their career. This city merges with Cambridge, and the entire region is revered for its outstanding finer educational institutes that are always expanding each year.

Boston is also home to top medical hospitals and research facilities that draw countless new specialists in healthcare as well as a high number of well-paid healthcare professions like nursing, nurse practitioners and cancer or other research specialists. The housing market here is booming at the present time.

Sioux Falls, SD

This town has become a hub for finance job positions, medical hospital staff positions and a number of other business opportunities. This is the headquarters of several well-known financial institutions.

This city is considered one of the safest, and the old-fashioned neighborly atmospheres capturing people from the west coast and the eastern states with the promise of better pay and more job amenities.

Providence - Warwick, RI-MA

This northeastern state offers friendly people and nice neighborhoods with low housing costs. Several top 500 corporations have operations here, and the entire region is also one of the leading health and educational towns in America.