Real estate and moving sites often include "walking scores" on how a city or area stacks up against others in terms of "walkability". That's because each year, more of us move to walking-friendly cities for various reasons. People today are more health conscious, and more individuals are committed to decreasing their carbon footprint on the planet. One terrific way to do this is to walk whenever you can to cut down on motor vehicle fumes and energy costs overall.

Another big plus to living in a "walking city" is that over time, it may very well increase overall home value making a home more attractive to potential buyers when the homeowner is ready to sell. Here are the three most recognizable walking friendly cities in the U.S.:

1. New York City


New York City has remained at the top of the walking friendly cities in this country for quite some time. This urban area has sprawled outwards since its rather humble beginnings. Today New Yorkers enjoy one of the largest and best public transportation and rapid transit system services in the United States. This makes walking throughout the boroughs extremely doable and easy.

Pedestrian walkways and other safety measures have made this city a prime spot for new residents looking for outdoor related pursuits without moving to the suburbs. Along with Central Park and the various shopping districts, New York City neighborhoods like NoLita and Little Italy are popular walking areas.


New York City is a large urban city with rising crime rates and higher cost of living averages. For car owners, it may be a hassle keeping up with all of the city ordinances and fees involved. Don't forget the colder winters with noteworthy bad weather.

2. San Francisco


Beautiful San Francisco is still the second most walking friendly city for several reasons. The warmer climate, friendly neighborhoods and stunning bay views are enticing draws for individuals wanting to pursue outdoor activities and put fitness at the top of their must-do list. The hills of this quaint city give the best vantage viewing points to lookout over the bay in the distance.

Best draws here are the walk through Chinatown, lots of green spaces and parks like Lands End and Lower Nob Hill. It's even possible to safely walk across the famed Golden Gate Bridge.


The steep hills of this charming urban region are often too much for the average person at first. The housing costs here are very high, and like most large cities, heavy traffic and a large homeless population deter many would-be inhabitants.

3. Boston


Boston has an enchanting feel that combines old historic sites and architecture with modern design and sleek upscale neighborhoods and shopping areas. This city is one of the smaller ones on the walking friendly city list, and there are lots of terrific walkable neighborhoods here that include North End, Bay Village and the Leather District in Chinatown among others.

Stroll gorgeous colonial era neighborhoods complete with old-style cobblestone roads, historic downtown shops and cultural attractions. Additionally, the famed Freedom Trail is located here for picturesque walks that are stunning.


Cold and snowy blizzard weather can shut-down the city during those winter months. Traffic patterns are rather difficult to figure out for newcomers and dangerous potholes are a given each cold spell.

Coming in fourth and fifth place for most walking friendly cities are Miami and Philadelphia respectively. For more informative details about walking friendly cities input your desired city or neighborhood to receive an average walking score here.